Genre – Indie/Pop

Hometown – Torquay, UK

Label – Art is Hard, Soft Power Records and Beautiful Strange

Hi Big Wave. Have you been surfing recently?

We all surf everyday… but rather than the illustrious 2 foot and choppy waves our local coastline has to offer, we only surf that there internet.

It’s dryer… and safer providing you stay away from 4Chan.

How did the act form? Describe the occasion as if we’re making a nice salad.

We were all frequenting the local ‘indie’ night spot when our eyes met. This created a pentagon of light which, until that point had been reserved for Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider situations. A voice began to dig into our subconscious .. “form a band, we should form a band… look at us, we should form a band”. Then we made salad and songs and here we are.

According to a feature on IMN…..we went surfing with Big Wave and accidentally found a Goldmine. Where/what is this GOLDMINE and can I have some money?

It is but a metaphorical Goldmine. Whilst this ‘Goldmine’ is devoid of any precious metals we do have a book of Farm Foods vouchers you can have though (should you need to quash your desire for 2KG of mince beef and onions for just £8)

You’re signed to Art Is Hard Records, however what do you think of  Sherbet Lemon Designs?

Sherb-tastic. Put a bird on it!

Let’s get serious now. Who is your favourite artist on Art Is Hard Records?

They are all pretty great! Dave and Rich (from AIH) have a great ear for good music. Band favourites would probably be KEELHER, Joanna Gruesome, Best Friends and Fire Island Pines. The latter are a lovely bunch of chaps we have played with many times.

How do you go about writing lyrics for your tracks? Do you have any weird rituals?

My ritual involves a healthy dose of special shaman juice called ‘red stripe’ and a rhyming dictionary. Usually the music comes first and I write lyrics to fit a melody I already have. Lately though I’ve started writing everything according to titles, so if I hear a word or phrase I like such as ‘Blissed Out’ I think ‘ I’m gonna write a song called Blissed Out’ then I have a lyrical and melodic theme to go off which is nice as pie.

Do you have a favourite BIG WAVE track?

It always ends up being the one we are currently working on that people are yet to hear. I think as a band it’s always good to be moving forward and looking at ways to excite the listener further. Whilst we hold all of our songs dearly, we are always confident in our ability to keep making better songs. That’s what keeps people making music.

Do you have any other plans for 2013?

We have a few good gigs confirmed and hopefully a few more in the pipeline. Indietracks is shaping up to be the jewel in our crown this Summer and we are very excited to have been asked to play. I mean music and steam trains?! Go figure! Like peas and carrots! We are also concocting plans to return to the studio and put together an album towards the end of the Summer so exciting times ahead.

Finally, we’re always looking to expand our musical horizons. Do you have any recommendations of bands or artists we should be looking out for?

Currently Big Wave towers is spinning;

G.O.A.T – World Music