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Chit!Chat!Chit!Chat! // New Mantra

Genre – RnB // Hip // Hop // Soul Hometown – Southampton, UK Label – DIY DAMN New Mantra! You music makes us tingle inside. Was OR is this intended? Oh yeah, that was 100% intended from the beginning! Any feeling which makes people share and download the music is…

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Music Hunter / Torgny

Genre: Electronic / Alt Hometown: Oslo, Norway Label: Telemachus Torgny is a new electronic artist from Norway who, upon discovery, simply had me hooked. The release entitled ‘Triology’ EP simply lives up to its name. The EP is a collection of six songs (huh? Three songs in the trilogy, three more are remixes…

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REEEEVVVIIEEWWW + New Video // Mike Hughes // Misery

Genre – Alternative / Indie Hometown – Sheffield, UK Label – Independent Listening to this single has left me conflicted, in more ways than one. Most people would say it belongs to that corner of music, the kitchen sink drama-type song, made popular by people like Jake Bugg and Miles Kane…

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