Chit!Chat!Chit!Chat! // Temple Songs

Genre – Alternative/Pop

Hometown – Manchester, UK

Label – Independent

AAAAHHHHMMMEEEN. Temple Songs – are you religious?

I was. I mean, Aiwass. I mean.. We worship The Godz, if that’s what you mean?

Which bible? It depends who you ask. If I said it like the Bible, it would overinflate our ego. I suppose, you know, we started 2 or 3 years ago. It was just me, I made a couple of records on my own, but then my intentions changed and I put together a swingin’ rock n roll group so we could play in front of people and it would be a we. And a man came on a flaming pie and said, “for the time being, U will B Temple Songs with a K”.

I’m Passed Caring at this point. What am I talking about?

I would like to think you’re talking about a song I wrote a couple of months ago, which we subsequently recorded and is due to be released on one of those shellac 78 discs when July comes about.

When can I purchase the single? I need to care about something…

I guess it’s gonna be available in all good record stores, you can find it filed under ’99% off’. We will perform at dances and fetes and get you to buyum there.

I think you should project the Passed Caring music video at your live shows. Tell us about them and where they’re happening?

We will be projecting videos of labiaplasties and The Monkees and things like that. Who would wanna look at us when we’re playing? There will be fancy launch pads for the new single, one up and one down, at the Shacklewell Arms in London on June 27th and at Band on the Wall in Manchester on July 6th. There will be other performances too, but they are the ones we’ll be trying to sell things to you at, so go to them especially.

What other plans do you have for 2013?

After the single, there will be a 7″ Greatest Hits collection. We have our next 3 albums written, we’ll probably put at least one of them out before the end of the year. We plan on selling out big time, probably doing some huge arena tour, wasting all of our advances and probably breaking up before the year is out. I was being serious about the Greatest Hits thing by the way.

You’re signed to RIP Records (The word play is amazing) and admire independent music, however what and where’s your favourite independent record and clothing store?

My favourite record store is Vinyl Exchange.

The first time I ever went to Manchester, when I was 15, I spent all day in there and bought my first lp, which was Rain Dogs. When I got home, my dad said, “you won’t like that, it’s proper Tom Waits, that” and I was determined to like it. And I did. I haven’t been able to afford a new pair of jeans since I was 19. They’re all still flared. I’m screwed now that the £3 shop burned down.

Finally, we’re always looking to expand our musical horizons. Do you have any recommendations of bands or artists we should be looking out for?

Manchester is paradise, as they say. Sex Hands

Fruit Tones, Aldous, Queer’d Science, Old King, MONEY, Brown Brogues, Weird Era, Dinner Party, Irma Vep, Bell Peppers, PINS, Base Ventura, Former Bullies, Grind Outs, Mistoa Poltsa, Kult Country, Milk Maid, G R E A T W A V E S, September Boys, and, uh, The Pink Teens. I have a terrible memory, there’s more, I jus know it.